TPL · Tax Resistance News from Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, and Greece

Some international tax resistance news:

Democrazia Per Azioni:


It came as news to me, but I think it may have been established last year: Sciopero Fiscale (Tax Strike), a project of Democracy in Action. They believe that the Italian government is taxing excessively and performing dismally, and that the time has come to stop buying it. “Paying taxes is a duty, but it should be the right of every citizen not to pay them if they are used for evil or immoral purposes.”


A Breton farmer, Joseph Baron, is being pursued by the government for over a million in euros in damages for an attack on an “ecotax” highway portal. Supporters joined Baron in the courthouse, and also carried banners outside. They have also formed a support committee and are raising funds to assist him.


Activists with Bray Water Meter Watch captured two junction boxes that workers intended to install to facilitate the metering and taxing of residential water service. They held the boxes hostage until the workers reinstalled the old, unmetered stopcocks and repaired the torn-up sidewalk.


War tax resister Pepa Pretel, under threat of having her home seized and sold by the government, gave in and paid the amount due. She says, however, that “the important thing is that people know that there is this disobedience.” Pretel was one of several hundred people in Spain who redirected a percentage of their tax bill, equivalent to the military percentage of the Spanish government budget, to charitable causes. “These resources wasted in the preparation for war, could be redirected to satisfy the basic necessities of the people and to promote egalitarian and nonviolent values that surpass the values of fear and aggression promoted by the military system we suffer from.” She says that despite the setback, she plans to continue resisting.


The Journal of Journalists (or something like that, it’s Greek to me) wrote up a backgrounder highlighting some historical tax resistance campaigns from around the world.

The “ΔΕΝ ΠΛΗΡΩΝΩ” (Not Paying) movement has launched a political party.

From the Monmouthshire Merlin:


In our last, we stated that two excellent gates had been thrown over the garden wall of Mr. Pain, from St. Woollos churchyard. We have since heard that these gates, and some others, were stolen from premises in the vicinity of Bryn Hyfrid, the residence of Mr. L. Edwards, and that a similar gate was discovered in one of the fields of that gentleman. There is no doubt but the witless and wanton fellows who committed the outrage, were impelled thereto only by a spirit of mischief, or a desire to plume themselves on deserving the title of Rebeccaites.

Prevention of Rebeccaism.

We understand that a special general meeting of the trustees of roads is announced for , at Brecon, for the purpose of considering the justice of discontinuing twelve toll gates. We should much like to hear of an announcement of a similar meeting near Newport. Rumney and Caerleon gates are subject of grievous complaint.

TPL · War Tax Resister Katsuki James Otsuka

Here are a couple more data points about the war tax resistance of American Quaker Katsuki James Otsuka. First, a United Press dispatch from :

Refuses to Pay Tax, Sentenced

 A Japanese-American Quaker today was fined $100 and costs and sentenced to 90 days in jail for failing to pay a $4.50 federal income tax.

Federal Judge Robert C. Baltzell sentenced Katsuki James Otsuka, 28, a student at Earlham college in Richmond, Ind.

Otsuka paid 71 per cent of his tax but refused to pay the other 29 per cent because it “would be used for military purposes.” He is a farm worker between terms at school.

Next, a second United Press dispatch (as distilled through an Indiana paper), from :

Hoosier Carpenter Among Those Who Refuse To Pay Tax

 Only one Hoosier was listed among 40 “peacemakers” who refused to pay all of their federal income tax.

National headquarters of the organization here said the Hoosier was Roy Nusbaum, a carpenter of Wakarusa, Ind.

There would have been two from Indiana on the list, but Katsuki James Otsuka, former Earlham college student from Richmond, did not earn a taxable income in , the statement said.

Otsuka was in federal prison nearly half of because he refused to pay $4.50 in a previous year, a part of his income tax. The Peacemakers refuse to pay that part of their tax which, they say, corresponds to the percentage of national budget now allocated for defense.

In a prepared statement, the Peacemakers said President Truman’s decision to make the hydrogen bomb made them “even more determined than before” not to pay taxes.

TPL · Loophole Can Foil Income Reporting to I.R.S.

Kelly Phillips Erb, a.k.a. “Taxgirl,” has uncovered an interesting and potentially exploitable quirk in the tax code.

In summary: For some time now, anyone in the U.S. who pays a person $600 or more (in money or otherwise) is legally required to issue a 1099-MISC to the recipient, with a copy to the government. That way the government knows the recipient got the income and can ding them for it if they don’t report it on their tax return.

In , a new reporting rule was added, saying that third-party merchants (like credit card companies and PayPal) would also have to report payments to recipients, using 1099-K if those payments exceed $20,000 for the year and they represent more than 200 transactions.

The new rule apparently quietly cancelled out the old one to some extent. You are not required to file a 1099-MISC to report any payments over $600 if they are paid in a way that would require you to file a 1099-K if they were over $20,000 and represent more than 200 transactions.

This seems to suggest that if you can arrange to be compensated in a particular manner (through certain types of third-party payment processors, by fewer than 200 payers or in a sum less than $20k per third-party), it should be fairly easy for you to avoid having that income reported to the IRS.

Alas, it seems that word of this loophole hasn’t gotten around, and some such businesses may be filing unnecessary 1099-MISC or 1099-K forms just to be on the safe side. To put this technique into practice may require a cooperative payor, or one who is willing to sit down with you (and perhaps a trusted accountant) to verify the details.

You can learn more in Erb’s article, and can see where she got verification from an IRS spokesperson that her interpretation is correct.

TPL · Links of Interest to Tax Resisters

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

TPL · St. Mary’s Catholic Church Refuses to Pay Phone Tax in Vietnam Protest

Here are a couple of curious overlapping articles about a tax resisting American Catholic church during the Vietnam War period, both published on :

Fort Wayne Church Refuses To Pay Tax

 The Internal Revenue Service has threatened to seize assets of St. Mary’s Catholic Church if the parish carries through its refusal to pay a 10 per cent telephone tax to protest the Vietnam war.

The church holds folk guitar masses every Sunday and includes several blacks, longhaired youths, and poor people among its congregation.

Lawrence Williamson, president of the 22-member parish council, said the governing body voted 19 to 1 last week to withhold the tax from its monthly bill of $100 to $150.

The tax was initiated during World War Ⅱ and reimposed during the Vietnam war. Legal penalty for non-payment is one year imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Harold Kenner, a tax supervisor for the IRS’s Fort Wayne office, said if the church refuses to pay the tax and a penalty, the IRS has the authority to attach and auction assets.

“This was one specific thing we could do to protest the war,” Williamson said. “All our earlier marching and vigils and letter writing were simply acts of faith.

“We know they (IRS) ultimately will collect, but our conscience wouldn’t let us pay any longer… we hope they take an old school building,” he added.

Church Refuses To Pay Tax In War Protest

 An inner city parish that attracts hippies and disaffected catholics has voted to withhold its 10 per cent telephone tax to protest the Vietnam War.

The Internal Revenue Service says it will collect the tax and a penalty from St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The church’s limited assets will be attached, if necessary.

“This was one specific thing we could do to protest the war,” says Lawrence Williamson, president of the 22-member parish council that approved the withholding. “All our earlier marching and vigils and letter writing were simply acts of faith.

The tax first was imposed during World War Ⅱ and reimposed during the Vietnam War. Nonpayment means withholding 10 per cent of the parish’s monthly telephone bill of $100 to $150.

Williamson says the protest is the first of its kind in Fort Wayne and possibly the first in Indiana.

The parish council, which includes the sympathetic pastor, the Rev. Thomas O’Connor, voted 19 to 1 last week to withhold the “war tax.” The council is the church’s sole governing body.

Williamson says most of the 800 parishoners agreed with the council. Only a few elderly persons were panicked at the possible one-year’s jail sentence and $10,000 fine that are on the books but have never been imposed.

The old German Church is in an integrated downtown area. It tries to make religion relevant, Williamson says, and holds folk guitar masses every Sunday. Many of its worshippers are black, many are young and long-haired, many are poor.

Harold Kenner, a tax supervisor for the IRS office in Fort Wayne, sees headaches instead of symbolism in the church’s decision.

He says the telephone tax is no more earmarked for Vietnam war expenses than the income tax and the gesture is misplaced.

I’m impressed at the lengths to which the unnamed writer or writers went to make it clear that these church-going people are not ordinary decent church-going people like you — they’re hippies, and “disaffected” people, and blacks, and longhaired youths, and poor prople!

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TPL · London Peace Society Urges Rebecca Rioters to Cease

From the issue of the Cambrian:

The Rebeccaites.

The following Address has been issued by the “London Peace Society” to that portion of the Welsh people known by the name of the Rebeccaites:–


It is with serious concern that we have heard of recent acts of violence perpetrated in Wales, and it is now in a Christian spirit of affection and of sorrow that we venture to address you. — We inquire not here into the causes that may have led to those acts; we do not here seek to point out the penalties of the law to which you are exposing yourselves, but we appeal to you on a higher principle, and would place before you the spiritual, the eternal, dangers you incur by such conduct. — You, in common with ourselves, profess to be followers of the Prince of Peace: but how can the work of violence and destruction be reconciled with the meek, gentle, and peaceable spirit of Christianity? No two things can be more opposed. You have set at defiance the laws, by obedience to which social peace and order are preserved — you have forcibly opposed yourselves to the constituted authorities — you have violated the laws of God. — Whatever the end may be that you propose to yourselves, know you not that we are forbidden to do evil that good may come? The moral power with which men have been endowed may be exerted in strict conformity with the Christian religion; and if it be directed to a true and good object, it will, by the blessing of God, ultimately prevail. — Pause and reflect, we beseech of you — “Consider your ways” — Remember that in an attempt to gain the things of a day, you are risking the welfare of eternity.

TPL · Rebecca Defies Foes, Parades Through Pontyberem

From the issue of the Cambrian:

A Correspondent, residing at Llanon, says — “After all the speeches, exhortations, and recommendation on Mynydd Sylen, on , to desist from nightly meetings of the population, Rebecca and her Daughters, notwithstanding, made their appearance on the very night, and in the immediate neighbourhood of the spot where the meeting was held. The village of Pontyberem, about a mile and a half from Mynydd Sylen, was the place selected by the fair Dame to march in battle array. On the road a man met them, and endeavoured to wrestle a gun from one of the “fair daughters,” but missed his aim — the damsel would not yield to him, but kept her grasp. The man took refuge in a public-house close by, called the New Inn, when the fair one opened fire, and sent some shots after him through the front entrance, which lodged in the cellar door opposite, passing close to a person who stood in the way at the time. They then marched through the village, blowing their horns, shouting in triumph, and then dispersed.

TPL · Ambush! Two Rebeccaites captured at Prendergast toll-gate!

The authorities lay a toll-gate ambush for Rebecca and capture two Rebeccaites in the act. Also: Poles in Kingston, N.Y., killed their dogs rather than pay a dog tax in 1895.

Continue reading at The Picket Line …

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